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April 2017

Experience the benefits of our in-house Engineering Department

What makes us able to offer you short delivery times worldwide?
We don't outsource our work which makes us able to solve problems really fast. SILICON offers in-house engineering for all your refractory anchors. Being on site, our in-house engineering staff can readily troubleshoot and monitor the entire process from concept through manufacturing to ensure a high level of quality control. Our sales and engineering staff work together quickly and effectively. Finding solutions is a matter of minutes for our engineers, production experts and sales people.

February 2017

RAW Services and Contracting

Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) is an innovative welding technology. It has been engineered to solve many of the problems that conventional hand welding has had for many years. With RAW equipment it is finally possible to bridge the gap between efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Rapid Arc Welding is a proven success. SILICON developed into a full service partner in the area of Refractory Anchoring systems and installation. Who better to install your anchors with our RAW equipment than our own professional staff? We are able to offer you the best service and quality possible for all your turnaround needs.

January 2017

35 years of SILICON

This year marks the 35-year anniversary of SILICON Holding. The organization started in 1982 with the production of refractory anchors in the city of The Hague. Since then, the SILICON organization has not only grown, but has also expanded its range of activities.

SILICON became a well-respected and international specialist in refractory anchoring systems and Rapid Arc Welding with offices in The Netherlands and USA employing around 80 professionals.

November 2016

THE 3D Refractory Anchor for Pipe Linings: The CVC

Our newest 3D refractory anchors are called CVC (Corrugated V-Anchor Curved) and has many benefits over the older types of 3D anchors. The first major improvement over the older 3D models is on the issue of durability. Our CVC will increase the durability of your whole installation due to the complete redesign of the conventional 3D anchor.

May 2016

Reinforcing Fibers For Refractory Concrete

Reinforcing fibers can be used to reinforce the refractory material and enhance the thermal shock resistance. The area of influence of the reinforcing fiber is determined by the shape. The total effectiveness of the reinforcing fibers is determined by the length, volume, dispersion, operating temperatures and alloy type. SILICON supplies ME-MIX, a Melt Extracted steel fiber and C-MIX, a corrugated steel fiber. Other steel fibers, D-MIX or synthetic fibers can be supplied on request.

April 2016

Join Our Team

"Our customers continually tell us that our personal touch makes us stand out and expanding the team will make us even more accessible to them." said Wouter Garot, CEO of SILICON.

Take a look at our vacancies

November 2015

Growth leads to faster delivery time for SILICON

“Business is booming”, says Wouter Garot, President at SILICON. Thanks to our customers’ confidence we grew exponentially and we continue to grow even further.

April 2015

Post Show Report Shutdowns and Turnarounds

The Post Show Report has now been released which gives insight into what happened at the event, who attended with graphs and statistics as well as the exciting plans for the future.

March 2015

SILICON Packing Service

When you purchase refractory anchoring products at SILICON you will learn that your delivery will always be packed with the utmost speed and care.
Our advanced packaging department provides a packing service that ensures that all your goods are packed sealed and secured to travel to you in the best possible condition.

November 2014

Article on our SpeedBolt floating anchor system in World Cement

We recently published an article in the November 2014 issue of World Cement. Read it here.

Silicon, the Netherlands, explains how the installation of a floating anchor system in various areas of the cement plant can reduce downtime and prevent corrosion.