“The difference between us and any other
company in our branch is innovation,
but our success comes from delivering
what we promise.”

Wouter Garot - Founder and CEO of SILICON


Any type of welding studs (Threaded, Specialized and Custom Weld Studs, Shear Connectors) and our unique Rapid Arc Welding Technology: those are 2 assets Silicon Stud Welding Products can offer you.

The SILICON Rapid Stud Fastening System commonly known as Rapid Arc Welding (R.A.W.), has the capabilities to weld Fastening systems up to 45 mm in diameter or length in rectangular shape

In an environment where reliability is so highly demanded, shipbuilders need a partner who can provide the service they will be satisfied with. SILICON Rapid Arc Welding equipment has less than 0,1 rejection.

  • Operator friendliness
  • No pressure to apply to the gun during welding
  • Digital input, Programme selection at the welding gun
  • LED Lights on the welding gun
  • Real time current controlling
  • Automatic cable length compensation
  • No maintenance welding gun
  • and many more operator friendly features

Latest innovation

Our latest innovation, the RDCA (Remote Data Collection and Analysis) possibility offers an extra edge to all our welding units:

  • Connectivity to worldwide intranet in real time
  • Ability to upgrade the latest software
  • Troubleshoot Welding Anomalies
  • Instantly correct non-optimum weld conditions
  • Welding machines can be optimized remotely
  • Machine history and settings are backed-up for protection
  • Real time graphing of welding conditions
  • Best of all: all current machines can be upgraded!
  • Our New Generation machines have 3 year warranty.