“The difference between us and any other
company in our branch is innovation,
but our success comes from delivering
what we promise.”

Wouter Garot - Founder and CEO of SILICON


Continual demands made on the cement industry for greater productivity and lower maintenance costs have pushed the industry to the limits of the conventional technologies existing on the market today.

SILICON has recognized many of these issues and now:

  • offers solutions beyond 'what was thought possible'.
  • has pushed the limits of Refractory Anchoring Technology with its design and alloy choices to overcome the most aggressive corrosion and strength conditions.
  • has improved Anchors, improved brick-support design and an advanced technological support ensure our customers a cost effective future.
  • Offers, thanks to our innovative Rapid Arc (Stud) Welding technology, systems that reduce turnaround time drastically so that production is re-started with minimum disturbance.
  • Offers a rapid arc weldind system, which can handle with minimum effort the overhead welding in cyclones and ergonomically difficult to reach places.

SILICON services customers worldwide. You can communicate with us in either Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

Latest innovation

Our latest innovation in the cement industry concerns a new floating anchor. Of course, several of those systems are well-known. SILICON, in its search for reducing turn-around time, found THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION. The name: The SpeedBolt®. It is a combination of incredibly fast installation of BOTH the anchor itself and the floating system.

SILICON developed an Eye-Bolt which can be Rapid Arc welded (therefore very fast and reliable installation) together with a CLIP to hold the Bolt to the anchor.